Better communication between Suppliers and Buyers

Communication is the key to every relationship. For years companies had well-rounded communication routines: whether it’d be through classic phone calls and emails or faster chat services such as WhatsApp, it was smooth enough for companies to not worry about changing their habits. 

Nevertheless, Covid-19 has changed the game. With the obligation to remain confined and telecommuting appeared the need to develop new methods to communicate effectively between all stakeholders. It particularly has become difficult for suppliers still needing to build their customers’ trust and confidence in their services to not harm their businesses in those difficult times. 


Then and now

Despite the advent of digital technology, communication between suppliers and customers remains unambiguous: Regular email chains containing overflowed Excel sheets and phone calls were daily tasks. It might still be the case for a lot of companies out there. But there are risks in ignoring the emerging difficulties and requirements. Although it still works, old ways will soon appear obsolete and might lead to poor communication. Poor communication in return, leads to delays or failure to complete projects, lost sales, and significant stressful workdays. 

Several tools (software, apps, etc.) popped up in the B2B sector to cater to these needs and many more, assisting suppliers and customers in all their exchanges. Microsoft Teams, Notion, Slack and Trello are the most popular and easy to master. If a customer sees that its supplier puts at its disposal in one shared space their past dialogues, detailed information from contacts to product details, that it offers flexibility in choices and is responsive to questions and requests, it will greatly influence the relationship. Without proper communication a small issue can turn into a bigger and more expensive one in an instant. 


New tools and practices.

From the beginning, it is essential to set expectations for the data you wished to be shared, and what needs to be done to secure a smooth and prompt communication between suppliers, customers, prospects, potential partners, etc. Trust is a vital building block regarding those relationships; and since it is a two-way street, efforts are needed from both parties which will ultimately lead to hopefully long-term commitment.  

To prevent unforeseen issues and get back on track as quickly as possible if it ever occurs, incorporating relevant resources available such as technologies and platforms enabling instantaneous information in your existing communication plan is necessary. Here are a few questions you to consider when planning buyer-supplier interactions: 

  • How often should you hold meetings? 
  • What data should be available for all to dispose of? 
  • What channels of communication will you use? Which technologies or platforms ?

Building trustful buyer-supplier relationships may not involve much face time, although it might render it friendlier, it should always feature proper collaboration. Interactions must take place on a single platform, with all data are archived in real-time and readily available for both parties to see. Keep it all well structured to ensure results-driven communication.  


How our platform and services can revolutionize your routine.

The pressure of globalization, competition, and the latest pandemic have forced many to search for new forms of organizations. EEXAR leveraged this situation to create tools capable of providing both suppliers and customers with solutions for all the needs mentioned above. 

Our software helps suppliers better organize their teams, classify products, track performances, invite clients on their Online Catalog and let them interact with their product offers depending on permission levels.  

Distinguish yourself by conducting realistic product presentations thanks to our AR Catalog allowing all parties to interact with 3D Models of any products from anywhere without space or Attendee number constraints. 


Do not neglect your communication mediums and stay up to date with the latest solutions to ensure steady relationships with your customers. 

Learn more here. 

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