Phantom Buster: the only phantoms you want by your side

Haven’t we all dreamed one day of just clicking on a button and let our computer do all the work for us while we go around taking care of some other business? Or just to enjoy life for that matter…

In 2021, increasing your brand visibility within your industry goes hand in hand with an efficient online prospecting strategy, and since technology is just the art of creating tools that would render our personal and professional lives less arduous, it eventually led to the birth of Phantom Buster.


As a developer, Martin Tapia came up with the idea of creating a tool capable of automatizing any redundant tasks, helping him gaining time to focus on other activities. Guillaume Boiret, his partner, realised only 0.0005% of existing websites were offering said service. Phantom Buster is born from this need and has now evolved to be an essential tool, adaptable to numerous sectors. 

If we had to summarize its use, it would be “the capacity to automate online data extraction and interactions”. The concept is quite simple: Phantom Buster provides you with ‘’phantoms’’ which will scrap data – meaning emails, phone numbers, articles, etc – on the internet for you, or do basic online interactions on your behalf such as liking posts, following certain people or gathering articles.  


To be honest, it does way more than that. According to what you command the phantoms to do, you can get precise to a certain point on what kind of data you wish to acquire, what kind of task you want to achieve. You can sort the results by geographical location, keywords, employees’ hierarchy, latest online activity registered, etc. This not only helps the phantom scrap for the most viable information, but it will also help it finish its task in no time.

You can shape a phantom’s behaviour by precising what it must search for and what quantity at each launch. In the last settings, you’ll be able to let the phantom know if it must wait for you to manually launch the next scrap session, or if you want it to do it repeatedly and how many times per day, as well as choose the notifications settings. Notifications that you can of course turn off. Once a search is finished, it will gather all the data in one file that you’ll be able to download and further adapt to your needs on Windows Excel or Google Sheets for example. The file will indefinitely be available in the cloud and updated each time a session is over. 


At EEXAR we highly appreciate its time saving features and ease of use to integrate with other systems such as CRM, Spreadsheets etc. It is an important step to the digitization of Sales as it is the first one of the funnel. The time that would have been spent on searching for potential prospects and sort out hardly gathered information, is now spent in getting in touch with people with whom we can build strong relationships. 

Even though its power relies in LinkedIn usage, Phantom Buster can also be used on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, the Yellow Pages, etc. You can automate likes, follows, comments, accepting requests and send customised messages without having any ounce of coding knowledge. Once it is set up, you do not have to modify anything unless your strategy changes along the way. It is a one-time job for months of data harvests.

If you want to get started, don’t hesitate, they are currently running their BETA version same as us and are offering a free plan if you want to play around!

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