How is AR making its way into industries

Augmented reality is one of the biggest technology trends right now, and it looks like it is here to stay, if not evolve into an important asset for many fields. Even though the idea sprouted in the early 1900s, first prototypes appeared only decades ago. 

It is hard nowadays to meet someone who is not aware of the concept of “Augmented Reality (AR), especially with the burgeoning of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets: tools that might as well be considered extensions of our bodies.

Let us see first-hand what augmented reality (AR) is and what use it can be:

Augmented reality allows users to experience digital objects in real settings and manipulate it to the extent it looks as if they possess physically. It is an effective way of bridging the gap between the digital world and reality. 

AR is a readily available technology many industrial sectors can take advantage of. During the last decade, the gaming industry had the marketing monopole over it, but it was already being used in other fields such as the Art industry, Construction and Architecture, Military or Medical to name a few.

The COVID-19 pandemic boosted the need for companies to use new remote digital technologies. AR is definitely a part of this stack as it answers many constraints such as space, distance and time. 

Although the technology is still thought to be still in infancy, it is clear it is influencing methods of consumption. 

With the advent of E-Commerce, AR has become an essential tool to boost sales and increase customers’ trust. Indeed, without it being intrusive, it has become easier to visualize any article in our personal environment, enabling companies to make a good first impression and reassuring customers on their purchase.

At EEXAR, we thought it was essential to provide professionals of manufactured products with a tool to easily showcase their portfolio in AR. We aim to ease the purchasing process by giving them the mediums to present and sell remotely.  

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